The Pyramids of Egypts
An index of research recently completed

From Whence Comes The Measurements

An attempt to find out where the measurements that were used then and now come from and how they may be interconnected to each other and The Solar System

From Whence Comes The Measurement Part I
From Whence Comes The Measurement Part II
From Whence Comes The Measurement Part III
From Whence Comes The Measurement Part IV

Pi in The Sky A Sign of Creation Part I

Planet Circumference 02
Planet Circumference 03

A Probable Design Plan for The Great Pyramid

The Giza Solar System Homepage

The Pyramid Secrets Revealed:

Insights that came to me during my last and one of my most intense enlightenments in August of 2015

Pyramid Secrets Revealed Part I
Pyramid Secrets Revealed Part II
Part III: The Power of 99
Part IV: Times Ten Divided by Pi
Part IV: Section 2 Expanded Secrets of Times Ten Divided by Pi
Part V: Orbital Periods of The Planets as found at Giza
Part VI: Surveying The Fields of Egypt, Circa 4500 years Ago
Part VII: Showing The Slopiness of John Legon
Part VIII: The Secret Surveyors and Their Methods Revelaed For The First Time
Part VIIIb: The Dialogs - More insights in a Plato dialog form
Part IX: The Step Pyramid at Sakkara - The Tower of Babel ?
Part X: The Flood of Noah and The Waters of Forgetfullness
Part XI: The Red and White Crowns of Egypt - Wearing The Creation Story on Your Head
Part XII: Discovering whether The Giza Plateau is a square root of 2 by square root of 3 or a 9 by 11 rectangle


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