The Pantheon and The Sacred Code
Secrets Revealed from The City of The Gods
Part I


Ahatmose April 14, 2021 10:48PM

It becomes easier and easier now to spot the proof of my assertion that Phi has been used everywhere and by all cultures for it is and was The Secret and The Sacred Sign of The Gods

Enjoy with me as yet another secret is revealed. The Pantheon has given up it's secret. But what amazes me more than anything else is that no one, absolutely no one had seen this before. I took one look at it and I knew ...

The Secret Sign of The God ... it was everywhere and had it's beginning in France and The Wood Pentagram and also to be found in the largest 3, 4 and 5 sided right angled triangle on the planet ... The Pyramid of Khafre.

Sublime to be sure ...

... by this sign you will conquer it


Now just have to figure out the volume of the sphere ...

Mind-boggling beyond belief.

In my search for the size of the sphere this is what I found.

From Wiki:

Now it says the diameter is 43 meters. Not 42.5 or 43.5 but 43 meters. So what you are saying. Well this is got to be one of the greatest coincidences I have found or simply more proof of The Sacred Measurements for 43 meters is precisely 1692.91 inches and again most would have missed it but not I for I have seen this number many, many times. It is exactly, and I mean
exactly the number of inches Petrie measured up to the floor of The King's Chamber !

I am dumbfounded and yes the diameter of The Sphere at The Pantheon is precisely 82.01 CUBITS !